International Festival for Business (IFB2016)
Gabriella Cox- IFB2016 Event Manager
Anthony Hamer- Event Sales and Research Manager
Phil Southward, IFB2016 Head of Operations
"Abeer, you are such a pleasant person to provide training for the team"

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Dr Aref Abed personal development coaching session

"Using LSP was an experience to find myself and to know what I want to do in the future. I am a dentist and hold MBA. I have been working in the management and marketing field for the past 8 years in addition to working as a part-time dentist. I reached a point where I was looked at as a person not knowing what I am doing in my profession. My extended family and friends used to ask me whether I am a dentist or a management trainer. This struck me so much to the extent that I was unable to say yes to either. I asked myself what it is that I want to do for my career. I was neither happy nor satisfied with my current job. Nothing seemed to fulfill what I want, the problem was I did not know what is it that I want................ Continue Reading >>>>

I am now confident about the future and will work very hard to achieve my dreams and be as successful as I could ever be. I greatly thank Dr Abeer for her time and great approach to coaching. Her incredible ability to listen to my stories and explanations about my life and profession guided me through to choose what I want to do. She was able to put me back on track.

Mr Mattias Uvin, Sourcing manager at Alstom


Owen Turner Managing Director United by Design

"The whole team benefited from the experience of such interactive training and development that will stand us as individuals and as a company in very good stead for the immediate future as well as working towards our more focused mission and vision.
Since the experience with Abeer and her team, we are continually working and building on the results of the very successful and strategic days. An incredible investment! One I would urge any team or company to do with Innovation Culture and the very knowledgeable, talented and inspiring team that Abeer leads!”

Clive Drinkwater, Director, UKTI, North West.

“Abeer has worked for some time now with UKTI delivering Cultural and Business Awareness Sessions for Business Leaders across the North West.  We have found the sessions to be very well structured, full of highly useful insight and delivered extremely professionally.  Feedback from delegates has been excellent.   Comments were made especially about her ability to maximize the networking opportunities to great effect and about her polished, but friendly and enjoyable style of delivery”.