Strategy Development 

We support you to develop your strategy using the power of 3D thinking. We don’t collect information from interviews and integrate it in a report form, in the traditional way. We use the latest modern method LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® . It unleashes potential from 3D integrated thinking processes. Scenarios and ‘what if’ questions are considered and modeled to create valuable input for your strategy.
How do you normally decide on priority areas and strategic themes of your business? it is usually performed using brain-storming sessions, or interviews by a consultant or a facilitator who collects the information, analyses it, then presents it to you. One person’s thinking process integrating the outcome of many others!


Our Proposal 

We involve all managerial staff in the thinking process… everyone is heard, all ideas are appreciated in a 100% participation 3-4 days session depending on company size. 


Our Approach 

In strategy development stage we:

  • We ask each to build their own understanding of the core identity, aspirational identity and external identity of their company using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.
  • They use their hands to build their ideas, they visualize their company, and present their stories.
  • Following skills building exercises, hands usually ‘click’ with the brain and access the third dimension, hands take the charge in the process not you!
  • Everyone is heard, all ideas are appreciated.
  • No white board, no flat screens, not 2D but rather 3D, the thoughts are generated when building models with special business Lego bricks designed specifically for Lego Serious Play.
  • A shared identity is built integrating the models. You and your people participate in building your future, not the facilitator. It’s you who integrate how to view the future with our help.
  • Models for factors that could affect your company are built and connections are added.
  • Viewing and playing with future scenarios, the management staff are able to build models for priorities and strategic themes for your company, ‘what if’ questions are raised and simulations worked through.
  • Using Lego bricks, participants are asked to vote for the top 4-5 strategic themes or priorities using Lego x-y access considering difficulty of application and cost.

Only then, when the thinking process and modeling are utilized to full potential, do we use a pen and paper to document the outcome of a thinking process which utilized all areas of the brain!
Photographs and videos for story telling are taken to document a unique experience which we are sure you will use again and again to execute the strategy and solve business problems.

Contact us today for more details and proposal designed to suite your needs. 

Highly successful strategy development training in London.