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ICCL Delivered highly successful two days top management training to Safeway- Jordan using LEGO Serious Play.
LEGO Serious Play sessions worked to identify Unique Selling Points (USPs) & Competitors Analysis. The highly interactive top management team worked very hard over the two days session duration. Testimonials have been remarkable in showing the great outcome and highly valuable input to the organization.
New project launch with Airport International Group (AIG).
ICCL will provide Airport International Group
p (AIG) with the consultancy services to upgrade their ISO 9001 & ISO 14000 systems to fulfill the requirements of the new 2015 versions of the standards as part of the company’s approach to systematically invest in upgrading technologies and work practices to enhance Queen Alia International Airport's customer service level and operational performance.

Photo gallery of the Training session conducted by ICCL with the concerned authorities of Airport International Group (AIG) to define the main differences between the two versions of the standards ( 2008 and 2015 versions).
New project launch to implement ISO 9001 :2015 Quality Managment System at Naratech for Pharmaceutical Consultancy.
Innovation Culture Consulting-Jordan (ICCL-Jordan) will work with Naratech team to provide professional consultancy and assistant to fulfil the requirements needed to obtain their system certificates.
This project is funded by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development- EBRD that supports local SME's to improve their performance and build up their capacities.
ICCL Delivered highly successful 5 days middle and top management training to JEDCO using Lumina Learning portraits and LEGO Serious Play. Lumina 3 days training covered unlocking team potential, valuing diversity and speed reading others by understanding one's communication preferences and appreciating those of others.
LEGO Serious Play sessions worked to develop JEDCO's vision, mission, values, challenges and overcoming them. The highly interactive top management team worked very hard over the two days session duration to build models of JEDCO's core, external and aspirational identity. Testimonials have been remarkable in showing the great outcome and highly valuable input to the organisation.
Mr Mutaz Numair
​Innovation Culture Consulting Ltd Wins First Overseas Contract

Manchester based training and consultancy company Innovation Culture Consulting Ltd (ICCL) has won its first overseas contract following support from UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).
ICCL, a registered consultancy and training provider, supports its clients with comprehensive and unique organisation, team and personal development interventions and secured a contract to deliver a training session to British Centres for Business (BCB) in Dubai, READ MORE>>>
What a great day with great testimonials !!!
Unlocking Potential of the team using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
“We are absolutely delighted to work with ICCL, the team worked very hard and achieved real deliverables. We had one of those days where our minds were opened, challenged and changed. It was fun too - thoroughly recommended.”Mr Joe Hepworth, CEO, British Centres for Business, Dubai
ICCL wishes to thank Clive Memmott, CEO of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce for hosting LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®Taster Workshop and addressing participants with great words about innovation and creativity: "We think that this tool adds up to the great work performed by Dr Abeer to support our members in developing their creativity and innovation, the GMCC is keen on introducing all what we can to develop businesses in and around Greater Manchester". Next time, we hope you will enough time to play with Lego!.