The Ripple Effect

Innovation Culture logo takes the I and C of the company’s initials as the starting point. These have then been abstracted and rotated around each other to create a wavelike and whirlpool vortex and coloured in ocean blue. The I is coloured darker as the starting point with the C wrapping around it.

Oceans Colour as a 'Symbol of Change'

Using the ocean as a symbol explicitly expresses culture change. Oceans, like cultures, hide deep values and behaviours immersed under deep waters. It also represents ICCL’s international nature of the business working with international companies investing overseas.

ICCL’s work isn’t rigid. It flows and adapts like water and helps people to adapt and become flexible too. The form has energy and expresses this ever-changing approach. A whirlpool or wave also starts with one small action and grows bigger the more energy it picks up, building upon itself, like ICCL’s work, one small change can affect many more and have a ripple or wavelike effect.

The Human Touch

While explicitly a wave or whirlpool, the form is also suggestive of a cog, nodding towards industry and business, however, it has been rendered in a loose almost painted style to maintain the feeling of human expression. The pastel teal shade is a more human shade of the more usual corporate blue.​

Our branding and logo were developed by creative graphic designer and branding consultant Chris Blackhurst.

We are proud of the ICCL brand, and hope you are too!