This training is dedicated to entrepreneurs establishing their businesses and trying to find their 'USPs' and niche in the competitive market. It can be organized for individuals, small groups or large groups. 


1 day 

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs establishing their business and attempting to find USPs and niche of their business.  

Tools used


Kits used

Starter kit                                                  Identity and landscape kit                           


Program overview


  1. Skills Development (Starter kit)
  2. Core identity of the new business (Identity and landscape kit)
  3. External identity of the new business (Identity and landscape kit)
  4. Aspirational identity of the new business (Identity and landscape kit)
  5. Build Agents (all what has influence on the new business or influenced by the new business)
  6. Build challenges preventing you from achieving your aspirational identity of the new business
  7. Build what you intend to do to overcome the challenges
  8. Build your priorities
  9. Write down your list of commitments to overcome the challenges and achieve your aspirations 

Benefits to you

From our experience with many individuals who used this service, the feedback was highly insightful in allowing your ideas to flourish using the models. You will dedicate the time to dig deep into distinguishing your business idea and developing it further considering challenges and surrounding factors. You will visually view your business in the future and how all falls together. We take you at your pace and if you needed more time outside the session, we provide that as complimentary service from ICCL. 

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