This training is dedicated to teams working on product /service development or teams working to solve problems at work and is delivered over the course of 1-2 days. Highly insightful and eye opening. Product /service development or problem solving is referred to below as 'subject matter'.


1-2 days 

Who is it for?

Teams working on product/service development or any team working on problem solving for issues at work. 

Tools used


Kits used

                       Starter kit                            Identity and landscape kit                           Connection kit


Program overview


  1. Skills Development (Starter kit)
  2. Core identity of the subject matter (Identity and landscape kit)
  3. External identity of the subject matter (Identity and landscape kit)
  4. Aspirational identity of the subject matter (Identity and landscape kit)
  5. Build Agents (all what has influence on the subject matter or influenced by the subject matter) 
  6. Establish connections between agents and organizational functions related to subject matter (Use connection kit)
  7. Build challenges faced to develop or solve the subject matter
  8. Build models for overcoming the challenges in achieving aspirational identity of the subject matter
  9. Draw conclusions and areas of development

Benefits to your organization


  1. Introduce creative development of the product or service or solve problems related to issues at work 
  2. Supersede competition by creatively developing products or services 
  3. Achieving cohesion in team work working towards common solutions

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