Dr Abeer Pharaon will be presenting taster sessions at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce on 21st September aimed at small businesses.
Participants will receive hands on experience using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) to visually build their core and aspirational business identities. The taster is expected to familiarise participants with the powerful tool and dig deep into the core of what their business is about and visualise ambitions stored in subconscious mind about future options.
A full day training on developing USPs will follow and is offered at discounted price for participants of the taster sessions.
21st September 2015
Morning session: 10am-12.30 pm
Afternoon session: 2pm-4.30pm

Places are limited to 16 participants per taster session, for registration, please contact Katherine Eaton katherine.eaton@gmchamber.co.uk or visit this link
For more information about the session or LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, please contact
Dr Abeer Pharaon abeer@innovation-culture.com or call 07775581871.
Ready to Play with LEGO? Hands up!