Who we are

Innovation Culture Consulting Ltd. (ICCL) is a registered consultancy and training provider supporting our clients with comprehensive and unique Organization Development (OD) interventions. This includes developing innovation culture, enhancing creativity and innovation potential, scenario planning, strategy development and execution, team development and team communication in addition to our distinguished personal development sessions. We mainly use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) as a tool for real change and Lumina Learning psychometric traits for resolving conflict and providing team support.
Our Office is in Manchester-UK.

Our Approach in brief

ICCL works to support our clients to sustain competitiveness and maintain innovation capability by introducing creativity as part and parcel of the organizational culture. Visual models using Lego Serious Play provide team members with the platform to be part of future scenarios and strategies by supporting them to buy-in change initiatives and organizational culture reforms.

Why we are different

ICCL is a the forefront of our client's expectations. Our services are highly customized and tailored to your individual and organizational needs. We Use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® as an innovative tool highly respected for its unique powers of utilizing all areas of the brain especially the right side linked to emotions, imagination, and creativity. We appreciate culture when suggesting change initiatives and build upon credible academic research and long experience in various sectors. We have testimonials of past successful projects giving ICCL credentials to offer first-class service to our clients.

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