This training is dedicated to top management and is delivered over the course of 2-3 days. Highly insightful and eye opening. 


2-3 days (depending on the nature and size of the organization)

Who is it for?

Top management and key personnel in the organization


Tools used


Kits used

Starter kit                                                  Identity and landscape kit                           Connection kit


Program overview

  1. Skills Development (Starter kit)
  2. Core identity of the organization (Identity and landscape kit)
  3. External identity of the organization (Identity and landscape kit)
  4. Aspirational identity of the organization (Identity and landscape kit)
  5. Build USPs (Identity and landscape kit)
  6. Build competitors (Identity and landscape kit)
  7. Establish connections with competitors (Use connection kit)
  8. Use different connectors for various competitor USPs contrasted with your USPs
  9. Highlight areas of urgent need for improvement
  10. Write titles of action plans needed to maintain USPs

Benefits to your organization

  1. Developing high value insight among team members of your organizational USPs
  2. Analysing competitors allows physical representation of strong and weak areas in images hardly forgotten
  3. Realising crucial areas of development to maintain competitiveness
  4. Sharing the above at all team members providing high level of commitment towards the common goal

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