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British - Jordanian management company launches new partnership with Amman Chamber of Industry

Release Date: November 6 2014
News release from Innovation Culture Consulting Limited, change management specialists based in Manchester, UK and Amman, Jordan
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Innovation Culture Consulting Limited (ICCL), the UK and Jordan based change management company, has launched an ambitious new partnership with Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI).
The partnership was officially unveiled at a special reception at the ACI in the Jordanian capital Amman today (WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 5). The event was held under the patronage of the British Ambassador to Jordan, Mr Peter Millett and Senator Ziyad Humsi, the ACI chairman who were joined by senior business leaders and boards officials.
Mr Millett told the audience, “We support this MOU which will bring knowledge and expertise developed in UK institutions to Jordanian businesses working in the private and public sectors.  It also aims to empower the exchange of services and goods between Jordanian and UK companies working in different sectors.”
ICCL-Jordan was founded by Jordanians Dr Abeer Pharaon and Ruba Ahmad in 2014. Dr Pharaon who lives in Manchester UK said:
“The purpose of the new partnership with ACI  is firstly to offer our specialist training, developed in the UK and Europe, to help Jordanian businesses improve the skills and performance of their management teams. This will be delivered with the training arm of ACI, known as the Euro-Jordanian Advanced Business Institute (EJABI).
“The second aim of the partnership is to encourage bi-lateral trade between the UK and Jordan. There will be a particular focus on the North West of England region where ICCL is based. The region contains the dynamic cities of Liverpool and Manchester and is home to seven million people. It has a large and dynamic economy with specialisms in energy, petrochemicals, engineering, maritime as well as world class education, sport, heritage and quality of life. We think this is a great match for Jordan and see a lot of potential for creating business opportunities”.
 Dr Nael Husami, president of ACI said that ACI is pleased to strengthen its skills training through the partnership with ICCL.
“ICCL brings a bright, challenging and innovative packages of training to our members,” he said. “Successful businesses and entrepreneurs are committed to a constant process of improvement, finding new ways to make their business, their people and their products and services more attractive and more competitive. Working with ICCL we can support businesses on this exciting journey helping them become stronger and better managed. We, of course welcome ICCL’s strong links within the UK and the North West of England. Jordan has strong relations with Britain and we see great potential working together finding out more about Liverpool and Manchester and the surrounding areas. Here in Amman, we are especially keen to promote our thriving services and industrial sectors”.
The CEO of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Mr Clive Memmott sent a special message to the reception outlining the benefits to the UK of  establishing links with the “stable and open market” in Jordan.
He said:  “Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, the largest Chamber in the UK, welcomes the work that Dr Abeer Pharaon is undertaking in Jordan. We want to raise awareness of the opportunities available along with educating UK businesses on the cultural aspects of trading in Jordan and the wider region. We particularly welcome ACI members to participate in our International Membership program which will offer access to attend our events, discounted translation, assistance in providing links to organizations including UK Trade and Investment, MIDAS, Chamber Gateway and others.”
Dr Pharaon, who has a PhD in Change Management and Organization Development from the University of Loughborough, said the event provided a platform for ICCL-Jordan to raise its profile in Jordan and the wider Middle East and North Africa region.
“Our core offering in the UK and Jordan is innovative challenging management training,” she said. “We know there is a strong demand in business for really effective training to drive staff performance. Businesses are only as strong as their teams and this is about bringing the very best out of leaders and staff. Our approach is unique. We are the first in Jordan and one of very few consultancies around the world to offer developing innovation culture using Lego Serious Play, a ground breaking new form of training which harnesses the potential of right brain thinking. This creative side of the brain is often neglected in everyday business where the left analytical side dominates behaviours and actions. But the creative side of the brain has enormous power and can play a big role in creating inspiration, generating new ideas, problem solving, strategic planning and team building.   We are passionate about this new approach to consultancy and training which can deliver fantastic results helping businesses become more competitive and innovative in their approach.”
For further details on ICCL’s services contact Dr Abeer Pharaon or Ruba Ahmad:
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