LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Real Time Identity for Personal Development

This workshop focuses on allowing the participant to realize potential of themselves and their profession. It allows three dimensional view of your aspirations and dreams of what you want to achieve in the future.

Our Proposal

The workshop aims to help the participant to:

  • Become the best they can become right now
  • Uncover who they are at the core
  • Learn a better way of communicating
  • Enhance their value to themselves and others
  • Realize the skills to become a more effective person
  • Be able to seize opportunities in what looks like chaos

Our Approach

Participants get the chance to build three models:

  • Core identity: how do they view themselves now
  • External identity: how do they think others view them
  • Aspirational identity: how do they view themselves in the future
  • Perceiving the three models, they build areas of strength and areas of weaknesses where they plan to introduce changes and define these changes. They are able to visualize the future which facilitates the change
  • Time for reflection empowers participants to change and plan steps ahead to achieve their Aspirational identity.
  • All the above is built in 3D models using areas of the brain which are not normally utilized.

Case Study Example

Dr Aref Abed worked with Dr Abeer Pharaon on his mission in life. He held ambiguous views about his future on professional and personal levels. After working for nearly 7 hours building and formulating his future using the Lego bricks, he was able to take crucial decisions about his current job and family matters.

Here is what he had to say after the session:
"I want to say that this tool is very deep in connecting with your subconscious, can you imagine that when I was twice asked to build my family, I did not include my new born baby who is only 10 days old. Both times I did not include him, I feel so sad that I only included my other kids and not the new one. I realized afterwards that I have not yet issued his birth certificate, I never changed his nappy, he was one month premature and I was very busy with lots of things inside and outside the country. It struck me that it did not sink in yet inside me that I do have a new born baby. This made me realize how powerful LSP is and how deep it is into looking inside you and shaping what is stored in your subconscious in the form of Lego models visually viewed with your own bare eyes".

Read Dr Aref Full story here

Core identity

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