Lumina Learning portraits involve the use of four colours, 8 aspects and 24 qualities to describe the

‘everyday’ and
‘overextended’ personas
of an individual or team.

This portrait is plotted based on answering an online questionnaire and can look like the example shown here. The splash in the middle shows the qualities representation in an individual and varies according to individuals preferences. The Unique USP of Lumina Learning portraits is that they allow for any two contrasting qualities to be present in the same individual unlike conventional profiles. The same individual may be represented as being 40% introverted and 70% extroverted, percentages do not need to add up to a 100% as the correlation between two ends of the spectrum was broken down in
Lumina tool.

Click here for a sample Lumina Learning portrait. 


Lumina has the following products: 

1. Lumina Spark

2. Lumina Leader

3. Lumina Sales

4. Lumina Team 

Full overview of Lumina Learning products 

ICCL is official practitioners and distributors of Lumina Learning in the UK, the MENA region and the world.

Watch Stewart Desson, CEO of Lumina Learning explaining the model

Watch Dr Abeer Pharaon at the Lego Serious Play explaining exciting links between Lego Serious Play and Lumina Learning model

Case Study example 

United By Design 
“‘United by Design’ have worked closely with Innovation Culture on both the team LEGO Serious Play and Lumina Learning full day programmes during 2013-2015. The impact on the company, the strategic vision (and how to get there) as well as team and personal development have been exponential!
Each full training day through these innovative and creative programmes has really given
‘United by Design’ a turbo boost towards further success and a true and positive journey to
help us actively get to our aims and goals.
Being new to the LEGO Serious Play and Lumina Learning programmes, Abeer and her team guided us through the process whilst bringing wisdom, fun but most importantly a relaxed focus to enable us to get every ounce of benefit from being involved in the exciting and immersive experiences.
The days out away with Innovation Culture allowed us to significantly step away from the rigors and distractions of daily business enabling us to have our boundaries pushed in an enjoyable way.
The whole team benefited from the experience of such interactive training and development that will stand us as individuals and as a company in very good stead for the immediate future as well as working towards our more focused mission and vision.
Since the experience with Abeer and her team, we are continually working and building on the results of the very successful and strategic days. An incredible investment! One I would urge any team or company to do with Innovation Culture and the very knowledgeable, talented and inspiring team that Abeer leads!”
Owen Turner Managing Director
United by Design