What is Innovation Culture?

Innovation Culture is a flexible culture, it accepts change, supports creativity and risk taking and embraces innovative solutions. Innovation culture is characterised with these criteria 'continuously'.

Innovation culture development

Building a culture of innovation is no straight forward nor easy task. We are aware of this as our model was built upon rigorous research and exhaustive application. However, once adopted, Innovation Culture provides you with a long lasting innovation capabilities not only built in your systems, but also adopted by your valuable asset, your people.

A culture of innovation is simply your key to continuous innovation capability. It allows change to happen in an organization. It accepts changes in the competitive environment and translates that into necessary adaptations in managerial behaviors, systems, technology and structure, etc.

Our Innovation Culture Model: 'The ICE Model'

We are confident to claim, that comprehensive innovation culture models, are either rare or not tested enough to be introduced to the market.

The ‘Innovation Culture Enhancing Model’ referred to here as the ICE-Model is copy-righted to its author Dr Abeer Pharaon and,

  • Is based upon rigorous academic research covering more than 400 references of printed material related to the field.
  • Is tested in a number of organizations and proved to be successful in application. (refer to case study material below)
  • Won the first paper prize in the International Business conference in Dubai 2010,competing with 130 international professors and researchers from 29 countries.
  • Takes into consideration various aspects of your business and its environment integrating change interventions which are useful and customized for your particular business industry.
  • Borrows and acknowledges the well known 'father of culture research' Schein’s iceberg metaphor where Schein explains that culture is deeply embedded in the organization likewise the bottom of the iceberg dipped down in the unseen deep waters.

Our Approach

The Innovation Culture Enhancing Model (The ICE Model) has three main phases:

1. Pre-Assessment stage
2. Culture and climate intervention
3. Post- Assessment stage