This training package is dedicated to companies looking to, or are in the process of, investing or building joint ventures in the Middle East. It helps companies to build bridges overseas by learning more about culture and how to utilize its dimensions to maximize your exporting success. 

Our Proposal

We have developed extensive past experience of working in governmental, private and third sector organizations in the Middle East (ME) area. The impact of national culture of the Middle East on organizational culture for Multi-National Companies (MNCs) was developed by ICCL in the the form of a working booklet. Six national cultural dimensions and their impact on merger/acquisition/ joint ventures were detailed. We also have in depth knowledge of the British and European mind-sets and their managerial behaviours to enable best advice and understanding. 

We know what you might find difficult and how you are likely to act and think in order to maximize the abundant opportunities for trade and provide you with our packages below to support smooth transition for your business to the region. 

Our Packages


  • Basic Level: Introduction to Middle Eastern culture: 1-2 hours presentation providing insights into ME culture and  general understanding of the area and its people.


  • Intermediate Level: One Day training session: morning is dedicated to introductory presentation as above and implications of the 6 determinants of ME national culture on MNCs (political system, economic system, language, religion or ethical system, education and social structure) .  The afternoon is delivered as workshop sessions of various scenarios/situations and advice on how to handle real life situations. 


  • Bespoke Level: This package includes all of the above, however, it involves supporting you with a longer and more tailored service to suit your specific needs. It involves looking at your strategy and suggesting changes needed to specific functions to manage the demands of the new venture. It also looks at your IT systems to suggest changes in your communications (example Arabic language, etc.). One of our client had to withdraw products from the ME market as packaging used Arabic fonts from left to right (not right to left) giving a distorted message to customers about the product ingredients. 

​Testimonials from Liverpool Chamber of Commerce Session


“Abeer has worked for some time now with UKTI delivering Cultural and Business Awareness Sessions for Business Leaders across the North West.  We have found the sessions to be very well structured, full of highly useful insight and delivered extremely professionally.  Feedback from delegates has been excellent.   Comments were made especially about her ability to maximize the networking opportunities to great effect and about her polished, but friendly and enjoyable style of delivery”. Mr Clive Drinkwater, North West Director, UKTI.