Innovation Culture Consulting Ltd. (ICCL) is a registered consultancy and training provider supporting our clients with Organization Development interventions. This includes developing innovation culture, enhancing creativity and innovation potential, scenario planning, strategy development and execution, team development and personal development. We mainly use Lego Serious Play as a tool for real change

Rigid culture is difficult to change. New ideas are not appreciated. Doing things differently is not encouraged. We believe that this is a prescription to failure in a world where the nor is CHANGE. ICCL supports you to develop INNOVATION CULTURE throughout your organization which promises flexibility to absorb changes in the market  and translates that into creative practices and innovative solutions. 

We use various tools to support your intervention and develop strategies and scenarios for the future. We work hard to empower your individuals, build synergy and harmony in teams and departmental functions.
We recognize and help you to reduce resistance to change.

Why are we different?

  • We use unconventional tools such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® which allows your individuals to plan the change and be part of it for maximum buying experience. 
  • Live and promote the change you aspire to.
  • Provide strategy development and execution services in a climate supportive of creativity and positive organizational culture.
  • Help you through tough times when culture change creates resistance.
  • Provide you with unconventional methods to develop successful teams and departments using innovative personality portraits.
  • Value everyone’s individual culture and recommend the use of appropriate motivation schemes and shared work values.
  • Offer understanding of Middle Eastern cultures enabling you to avoid pitfalls and build sustainability for your business in the region.
  • Are a team of hard-working individuals who have a high level of academic and practical expertise enabling us to understand your organizational needs.